MacuHealth provides science-certified, industry-leading eye care supplements for patients at every stage of life. With a focus on innovation, we embrace science to create products that contribute to a lifetime of ocular health.


  • Meso-Zeaxanthin: Contains the third, critical carotenoid thus providing all 3 required carotenoids for maximum efficiency.
  • Clinically Proven: MacuHealth is clinically proven to rebuild macular pigment and visual performance in early, moderate to advanced AMD patients, as well as healthy non-diseased eyes.
  • Third-Party Verified: Our products meet label claims, as verified by 3rd parties. Informed Sport, NSF, Supplement Certified.
  • Softgel efficacy: Our opaque, oil-filled softgels are clinically proven to provide superior product efficacy and protect carotenoids from degrading as compared to power-filled capsules.
  • Micro-Micelle™ Technology: Allows for ground-breaking bioavailability as demonstrated with 100% responder at both serum and target tissue in top level independent studies. This means faster results for patients with better absorption and digestion.

Benefits of Increased MP:
Contrast sensitivity, photo-stress recovery, less oxidative stress, reduced inflammation, protection against free radicals and blue light, reaction time, cognitive function, depth perception, reduced risk of eye disease.

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MacuHealth Plus+

MacuHealth Plus+ is AREDS2 but better. Formulated by eye health experts to provide AREDS 2 Study product with two important distinctions:

  • 1. Fortified with 10mg of Meso-Zeaxanthin (aka our Triple Carotenoid Formula): provides complete macular nourishment and greatest antioxidant power.
  • 2. Lower, safer levels of Zinc: AREDS2 has 80 mg of zinc which is 40 mg higher than the Tolerable Upper Limit of 40 mg per day. We only have 25 mg of Zinc.
    • a. In an AREDS2 study published 2013, they also found that a formulation providing 25 mg of zinc provided the same protection against developing advanced AMD.

MacuHealth Plus+ is for those diagnosed with AMD.

Supporting Evidence for Carotenoids

  • Improved Visual Performance in Healthy Patients (CREST Normal)
  • Improved Contrast Sensitivity, Macular Pigment Density and No Significant Progression of Disease in Early AMD Patients (MOST)
  • MH Plus+ : Modified AREDS 2 Formula – patented 10-10-2 Ocular Nutrition with safe, yet effective zinc level (CREST AMD / AREDS 2)
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TG Omega-3

TG Omega-3 offers the highest quality triglyceride form of omega-3s with a potent concentration of EPA and DHAs for unparallel benefits for eyes, heart, brain and overall health. With a commitment to environmental sustainability, we source our omega-3s from open-water catch, small fish for a pure and stable formula.

Re-esterified (rTG) Formula, Natural, Optimal Absorption, No Fishy Burps
In comparison to synthetic ethyl ester forms of EPA and DHAs, our rTG formula offers a natural form of dietary lipids for optimal absorption. Purified up to 5 times to eliminate toxins, impurities and fishy taste, TG Omega-3 offers a potent 90% concentration of omega-3s with 2,200 mg of EPA and DHA combined per serving.

Supports Eye, Brain, Heart and Overall Health
Omega-3s are essential for every stage of life and offer benefits from the lowered risk of cardiovascular diseases to better cognitive function. Both EPA & DHA have been studied and found to be beneficial for dry eye, and supplementation with omega-3 fatty acids is recognized as a key first step in the management of the disease and its symptoms.

Customized Dosing Options
TG Omega-3 offers personalized dosing options for everyone and addresses patient-specific needs from dry eye management to expecting mothers.

Traceable Ingredients and Committed to Sustainability
With numerous marine sources and manufacturing methods to choose from, we prioritize environmental sustainability to ethically acquire raw materials for TG Omega-3. Our premium quality omega-3s come from the cold waters off the coast of Chile, and each bottle offers the ability to trace the source of its ingredients.

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Vizion Edge ECP

Vizion Edge ECP protects eyes from damaging blue light and enhances visual performance. It’s perfect for those with blue light concerns from increased screen time as well as athletes looking to increase overall performance.


Nearly everyone will be affected by eye floaters at some time in their life, and doctors haven’t been able to offer a suitable treatment to manage this bothersome condition – until now.

The same trusted experts that developed MacuHealth formulated VitreousHealth, a safe and innovative solution
scientifically proven to significantly reduce floaters, enhance visual function and improve a patient’s quality of life.

Based on the groundbreaking double-blind, placebo-controlled Floater Intervention Study (FLIES), nearly 67 percent of patients recognized an improvement in their symptoms within six months. Scientists also reported an improvement in the patient’s vitreous opacity.