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It is important for everyone to take steps to protect their eyes year-round. One of the ways to do this is to make sure that everyone takes their annual visit to the eye doctor. It is important to make sure that people's eyes are functioning as they should. In addition, when going outside, it is important to wear sunglasses. The UV radiation from the sun can damage people's eyes and it is important to prevent this from happening. When looking for sunglasses, the helpful team at Overlake EyeCare has some helpful information for everyone in the Bellevue area to keep in mind. Be sure to listen to the optometrist!

Choosing the Right Pair of Sunglasses

First, everyone needs to ensure that they are choosing the right pair of sunglasses. Take a look at all of the options and, when possible, select lenses that are polarized. These are going to be very effective at keeping out the UV radiation in addition to reducing some of the glare off of the pavement and snow. Next, don't be afraid to try on multiple pairs of sunglasses. Find a pair that are going to stay on the face well. Lastly, invest in a pair of sunglasses that are going to be durable. Nobody wants to replace their sunglasses before they have to. There are even prescription sunglasses that people can go with!

Sunglasses have Many Benefits

While people might be worried that they are going to misplace or lose their sunglasses, it is important to consider the benefits of sunglasses as well. First, sunglasses are very effective at blocking out UV radiation. This can go a long way toward making sure the eyes stay healthy for years to come. Furthermore, sunglasses can also make certain activities safer. By reducing the glare that is coming off of the roads, water, or glass, people will be able to see more clearly, adjusting their path when they need to. This will prevent accidents from developing. Finally, sunglasses are also going to reduce the rates of certain types of skin cancer by protecting the eyelids!

Trust the Talented Team at Overlake EyeCare

These are only a few examples of the benefits that sunglasses can bring. Those who are looking for a high-quality optometrist in Bellevue should contact Overlake EyeCare today to learn more! We invest in the latest in diagnostic and treatment modalities to ensure that we are providing the latest in eye care. Trust us to take care of your vision. Please reach out to us today at 425-643-2020 to learn more about the services we can provide. 

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