MiBoFlo for Dry Eyes

You may not realize how bad your dry eyes are until you visit an optometrist for a vision exam. Most people with dry eyes have a condition called MGD. If you have chronically dry eyes caused by MGD, ask our ophthalmologist at Overlake EyeCare in Bellevue about the MiBoFlo procedure, sometimes called MiBo Thermaflo. This procedure could help your dry eyes feel better by treating the root cause.


What is MGD?

MGD is also called meibomian gland dysfunction and is seen in 86 percent of people with dry eyes. This condition occurs when the meibomian gland does not secrete enough meibum oil to protect your tears from evaporating too quickly. Without enough meibum in your tears, you will experience the symptoms of dry eye—sensitivity to light, redness, blurred vision, burning or gritty sensation, and eye fatigue. This condition needs more than artificial tear drops for a permanent solution. That's why we offer the MiBo Thermaflo as a long-lasting option for those with MGD.

MGD Treatment

The exact treatment you receive for meibomian gland dysfunction depends on the cause. If an infection or localized inflammation caused the problem, you may need antibiotics or steroids. If our eye doctor cannot identify a specific cause and wants to create a long-lasting solution, you may be a candidate for heat therapy. This form of treatment opens the ducts that produce meibum. How our ophthalmologist performs that procedure depends on the equipment available. Our eye doctors use MiBoFlo for our choice of heat therapy. This treatment has several advantages over other forms of heat therapy.

What is MiBoFlo?

The MiBo Thermaflo treatment uses 108-degree heat applied only to the outside of your eyelid. This treatment has a lower cost compared to heat treatments, is only moderately invasive, and does not cause corneal distortion. Because this is such a new treatment, check with your insurance company about coverage. We can also arrange payment plans with you if needed.

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If you have chronically dry eyes, schedule a visit with one of our eye doctors at Overlake EyeCare in Bellevue. Our ophthalmologist can help identify the cause of your dry eyes and provide the treatment you need, including MiBo Thermaflo heat treatment. If you need a regular eye exam with an optometrist or a consultation with an ophthalmologist for MGD, we can help. To make an appointment or to get answers to any of your questions, call us at (425) 643-2020.

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