Heating Masks

Overlake EyeCare offers eye masks that offer immediate relief from dry, irritated eyes in a simple and natural solution. 

MIBO Heating Pad


The MIBO Heating Pad wraps comfortably around you eyes and supplying a comfortable circulation of heat around your eyes. Plus it blocks out light allowing you to relax and get a safe effective at home therapy for your eyes.  The MIBO Heating Pad is an advanced eye mask with far infrared heating for therapy improves blood circulation.

Microwave Eye Hydrating Mask 

The doctor-recommended Microwave Eye Hydrating Mask is a relaxing and effective treatment for these problems. Not only does it replenish moisture and relieve dryness, it is also fast acting and easy to use.  Briefly microwaved and used for ten minutes, this washable source of dry eye relief can be reused many times.

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At Overlake EyeCare in Bellevue, we carry a variety of products for the convenience of our patients, researched and hand-selected by our physicians. No need for an appointment, just stop by to make your purchase!

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