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Hard-to-Fit Conditions Don't Mean Wearing Glasses Forever

Your eyes deserve the best care, including the best vision-correction methods given the conditions you may have. For many people, the desire to wear contact lenses instead of glasses clashes with eye conditions like astigmatism. Typical contact lenses don't do well on eyes with these conditions. However, having a "hard-to-fit" condition does not preclude you from wearing contacts -- you just need special contacts. Companies like Alcon make lenses for conditions that aren't as typical as your standard myopia or hyperopia. At Overlake EyeCare in Bellevue, WA, you can be evaluated for contact lenses for different conditions that give you vision-correction options that work.

Hard-to-Fit Conditions Don't Mean Wearing Glasses Forever

The Problem with Standard Lenses

Standard contact lenses that cover one prescription and have no other features are great for eyes that don't have anything that needs correction other than that one prescription. But if you have astigmatism, have been treated for cataracts, need to watch blue light exposure, have multiple prescriptions that would normally require bi or multifocal lenses, or have another condition, those regular lenses aren't going to cut it.

Depending on what your eyes are going through, you may need gas-permeable lenses, Toric lenses, multifocal lenses, intraocular lenses, or something else. The good news here is that those lenses exist, and you have more than one option in many cases. But you have to have a thorough evaluation so the optometrist can understand exactly what your eyes need.

It is possible that you could have too many conditions to successfully fit with one lens type. In that case, glasses remain your best option; they don't touch your eyeballs and thus aren't subject to a lot of the restrictions that contact lenses are. Yet the chances of you finding a suitable pair of contacts are still high.

You'll go through a regular eye health and sight evaluation to ensure the optometrist has the most up-to-date information about your vision. Once that's done, you'll discuss lens options that could work with your conditions. You may have to go through a few fittings to find the right pair, but don't give up.

Start Searching for Those Perfect Lenses Now

Optometry has made great strides regarding contact lenses. An eye care center where the optometrists have experience in fitting hard-to-fit conditions is best. Overlake EyeCare in Bellevue has appointment times available, and you can reach us at (425) 643-2020!

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