Acthar Gel

At Overlake EyeCare, we are proud to serve the residents living in or around the Bellevue area. Our team of ophthalmology experts is highly trained and has the facility and state-of-the-art equipment to provide the best possible care for your vision. One of the treatment options we offer to patients is Acthar Gel. This treatment may provide relief from various conditions of the eye.

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We Offer Acthar Gel Treatments for Qualified Patients

Acthar Gel is a well-documented eye treatment used for various eye allergies. It’s used to treat severe acute eye inflammation and can provide relief from conditions such as the following:

Optic neuritis
This gel can treat other conditions too, which makes it an excellent choice for some prequalified patients. Acthar Gel is considered an adrenocorticotropic hormone that effectively manages inflammation and thus reduces irritation and vision issues.

Top Eye Care from Local Experts in Bellevue

At Overlake EyeCare, our goal is to provide exceptional eye care services to patients who live in and around the area. We offer comprehensive eye care to treat various conditions. If you’re a good candidate for Acthar Gel treatment, our ophthalmologist will provide more details. Thorough examinations and consultations with patients are done to ensure they’re a good match for this method of treating certain eye conditions.

Our team is committed to helping ensure you have the best quality of vision and get the services you need to control ongoing issues related to the health of your eyes and vision.

If you need top-quality eye care services and live in the Bellevue area, you can count on our team to offer them. We offer same-day emergency eye care, an on-site optical shop, on-site surgical procedures, and routine exams and wellness procedures.