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Our Overlake EyeCare team is known for their outstanding care and amazing service for the Bellevue and also Kirkland area.  We strive to provide the best in ophthalmology services, such as convenient appointments, opticians onsite, and a large selection of frames and lenses. Our state-of-the-art facility includes an onsite optical shop with warm-hearted personal care.  While combining leading-edge capabilities with a caring team of professionals, we are dedicated to providing high-quality optometry and ophthalmology services in a comfortable environment.  Eye care professionals may work with an optometrist to deliver quality and efficient eye care to the public. Eye exams may assess your vision and the ability to focus on objects with clarity. 

Optometry Eye Care and Improvements For Your Vision

Sports vision is able to be improved with a focus on good health with periphery vision and focus. Some clients have asked, what is the best way to improve my vision for recreation and other activities?  There are several eye exercises that may be used to improve eye-hand coordination. There can be noticeable improvements with enhanced coordination and visual focus.  The eye doctors at Overlake EyeCare focus on being current on the latest advancements in vision care and eye health. Additional research is now available for eye exercises and ways to enhance your vision. Receiving the most modern and best vision care is the focus of the experienced optometrists from our office. What is eye perception?  This refers to the skills used to interpret visual information taken in from the environment. Combined with other senses, we are able to utilize visual perception to understand our surroundings. Visual clarity is also helpful for athletes and those in school. Continuous improvements can be accomplished with caring professionals that take a gentle approach for your best vision.

Overlake EyeCare

Located in Bellevue and Kirkland WA, the optometrist is available to provide high-quality eye care. The trained staff at Overlake EyeCare has helped clients with eye care through their services and onsite optical shop professionals. Care with corrected eye functioning is improving with techniques such as eye exercises and visual techniques helpful for the eyes’ ability to focus. Enhanced vision is getting easier with a natural approach to vision improvements. Optometry is being combined with quality service and professionalism to deliver the best ways to improve a person’s eyesight for colors, distances, and overall vision. Optometry services may be able to assist with work-related activities, sports, reading, and hobbies. Experience and gentleness are important with any type of vision care. Please let us know if you want additional information.

Our Bellevue address is 1837 156th Ave NE Suite 201, Bellevue, WA 98007; 

Our Kirkland address is 12911 120th Ave NE Suite A40, Kirkland WA, 98034.

To contact us for an appointment at either office call 425-643-2020.

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