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Signs of Computer Vision

In today’s world, most people spend many hours behind a desk staring at a computer, putting immense strain on their eyes. Eye conditions resulting from computer use are generally referred to as computer vision syndrome (CVS), which encompasses a wide range of eye discomforts. At Overlake EyeCare, we have years of experience providing Bellevue residents with reliable eye care services including computer vision syndrome treatment.

How Does a Computer Affect Vision?

Computer vision syndrome occurs due to your eyes following the same pattern as you look across a computer monitor or some other digital screen. When looking at the computer, your eyes have to focus and refocus. As a result, your eyes constantly move and have to send varying messages to your brain, straining to your eye muscles. Unlike a book or a magazine, your screen adds contrast and flickering, further straining your eyes. Since we don’t blink as much when using computers, our eyes are likely to dry out, blurring our vision.

Signs of Computer Vision Syndrome

If you are experiencing the following symptoms, you may be experiencing computer vision syndrome:

  • Blurred and double vision
  • Eye irritation
  • Headaches
  • Neck or back pain
  • Dry eyes

If you are experiencing the above symptoms, we recommend contacting our eye doctor as soon as possible. Before addressing your eye problem, our optometrist will test your visual acuity, eye functionality, and focusing ability to establish whether or not your symptoms are due to computer vision.

After diagnosis, our eye doctor may recommend adjustments to your working environment. Some suggestions include reducing glare, rearranging your desk, and giving your eyes a rest while working. Furthermore, our optometrist may recommend glasses appropriate for your working environment. These may include blue-light-blocking computer glasses or contact lenses to filter out glare.

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If you believe you are experiencing computer vision syndrome, the optometry professionals at Overlake EyeCare are ready to assist you. For more information or to schedule an appointment with our eye doctor, call us at (425) 643-2020.

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