Astigmatism FAQs

Astigmatism FAQ

Astigmatism is a common eye condition that can impair your sight. Our Bellevue optometrist can diagnose this problem during an eye exam. Fortunately, astigmatism can be corrected with prescription eyeglasses or contacts. Following are the answers to questions our optometrist at Overlake EyeCare frequently receives regarding astigmatism.

What Is Astigmatism and How Does It Affect Your Sight?

Normally, the cornea of your eye is round like a ball, making it easy for light to filter into the inner parts of your eye at the same angle. If you have astigmatism, however, the cornea of your eye is more oval than round. This causes light to travel farther to enter your inner eye, affecting your sight. Astigmatism can cause blurred vision up close and at a distance. You may also experience eyestrain, headaches, and eye fatigue.

How Is Astigmatism Diagnosed?

Our Bellevue optometrist can diagnose astigmatism during an eye exam. The effect of astigmatism on your vision depends on the severity of your condition. Mild cases may barely affect your vision whereas moderate or severe cases will require treatment.

How Is Astigmatism Treated?

Corrective eyeglasses and contact lenses are the most common forms of treatment for astigmatism. Depending on your condition, you may be a candidate for LASIK surgery or Ortho-K treatments to correct your vision. After diagnosing your condition, our optometrist will discuss all your options and recommend the best treatment for you.

Can Astigmatism Worsen Over Time? 

Yes. Left uncorrected, astigmatism can grow worse over time as it puts extra strain on your eyes to focus clearly. We recommend you schedule annual eye exams so we can monitor your eye health and vision. This allows our eye doctor to upgrade your eyeglasses as needed to keep up with changes in your vision. By treating astigmatism with corrective lenses, contacts, or LASIK surgery, you can prevent the condition from worsening with age.

See Your Bellevue Eye Doctor for Astigmatism Diagnosis and Treatment

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