Healthy Aging and Your Eyes

Healthy Aging and Your Eyes

Aging is a natural process that happens to everyone. Like the rest of your body, your eyes age, and keeping your vision as sharp and clear as it was when you were younger requires a whole-body approach. At Overlake EyeCare in Bellevue, we provide the services that you need to enjoy healthy eyes no matter what your age is.

How We Can Help

Healthy eye aging is not something to take for granted. Diseases that affect your body can also affect your vision. Our optometrists can assess your eyes to create a comprehensive understanding of your vision. In some cases, our team will be able to spot a disease before signs and symptoms have even formed. We make sure to get an early diagnosis, so we can get you the proper treatment you need.

Changes in Your Eyes with Aging

As your eyes age, you need more light to see clearly. Adding better lighting to your work area can help mitigating vision issues, especially with close up reading. Glare becomes much more of a problem as your eyes age, especially at night or in the rain. Needing reading glasses is a common condition as you get older. These are just a few of the common eye changes due to aging.

Keeping You Healthy

Keeping your eyes healthy means keeping yourself healthy. Eating healthy foods, going to regular health exams, and getting a comprehensive eye exam annually can all help you keep your good health in the long run. Our team can help you to stay on top of your vision and whatever changes may occur. Past the age of 40, it is important to get two or three eye exams every two years because of how rapidly vision changes past that age.

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Taking care of your eyes today can help you keep your quality vision as you age. If you need an eye exam, help with vision complications, or just help with whatever questions you may have, our team is here to help. At Overlake EyeCare, we care about giving you the best quality of eye care service in the Bellevue area. Call us at (425) 643-2020 to find out how we can help.

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